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How do I turn in cash and checks?
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If you participating in one of our walks and have collected cash and check donations:

Cash Donations

You can turn in cash on your walk day. If you prefer to send them in advance, you can convert the cash donations to a money order or check and follow instructions below.

Check Donations

The best way to turn in checks is to deposit them within our mobile app. Skip the time and effort of mailing them in! You can scan your checks and have them be deposited directly from your phone. All checks deposited through our mobile app will instantly be credited to your fundraising page.

Check out our help article on our mobile check deposit tool.

If you do need to mail in donations, please mail the checks to the address below along with the contribution tracking form.

Autism Speaks
P.O. Box 199
Rocky Hill, NJ 08553-0199

 * Mailed donations can take up to 2 to 3 weeks to appear on your page.

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